Is the system really maintenance-free?

We’re glad you asked – yes it is! TFS is the exclusive provider of Magnum SP™ frac valve technology from Worldwide Oilfield Machine (WOM). This specialized frac valve features advanced sealing technology and is a field-proven, maintenance-free alternative to conventional valves. The Magnum SP frac valve delivers reliable performance with unmatched advantages, including a reduced footprint and less weight.

In 2019, WOM designed the Magnum SP frac valve in direct response to a missing piece in the frac industry. It is a true dual-seal gate valve, meaning when in the fully open and fully closed positions, zero pressure is transferred to the bodies. In the fully open position, it is a through-conduit as both seals are engaged with the gate. This prevents sand intrusion during frac operations and all but eliminates stem packing leaks and bonnet leaks.

The result is field-proven technology that eliminates the need for field greasing and the associated costs for equipment and personnel. If you are looking to eliminate grease, grease hoses, spiders, and the wellhead hand sleeping in his truck, the Magnum SP valve can be your solution. 

About the Manufacturer

WOM is a global oilfield equipment manufacturer that was founded in 1980 in Houston, Texas. The company specializes in solutions for drilling, testing, production, and intervention operations. WOM currently has 2,500+ employees in facilities spanning across the US, UK, UAE, India, Scotland, Singapore, and Brazil. 

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