The TFS Difference

Flexible, Reliable Surface Solutions

Supporting our customers in a different way means delivering technology and business models that challenge ‘the way it’s always been done.’ 

Our equipment and services enable optimal flexibility, moving equipment from pad to pad without running it through a full shop repair process. This streamlining can save trucking costs for in-field moves and reduces the cost associated with repair. We also offer flexible commercial offerings that are built specifically for individual customer requirements to either ease the budgeting/invoice process and/or ensure there is no unnecessary expenditure.

Here are some other ways we are bringing positive change to the field -


No more “frac watch” personnel needed on site during your frac operations.

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No need to add additional grease for the duration of onsite operations.

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Streamlined equipment installation and removal reduces frac operations cost.

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Our equipment designs and capabilities ensure a reduction in footprint on site.
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This valve has already lasted 4 times longer than the industry standard.
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Multiple points through the valve’s life cycle reduce environmental impact. 
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How about a valve that is 50% lighter than the market average?
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